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Sharing Games

Q. What is Game Sharing?

A: Game Sharing lets you invite your friends to play games that you've made or like on Gamestar Mechanic, even if your friend isn't a Gamestar Mechanic user. There are several ways to share games in Gamestar:

  • Recommend: Recommend the game to another Gamestar Mechanic user (you need to know their Gamestar Mechanic user name)
  • Email: Gamestar Mechanic will send a message to the email address(es) of your choice with a link to play the game.
  • Link: You'll get a link to the game that your can send to your friends. When they click the link, they'll be taken to a page on Gamestar Mechanic where they can play the game.
  • Social Networks: We provide buttons that will allow you to share your games directly to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Q. Does my friend have to be a Gamestar user to play a game I share?

A: No, all of our sharing methods let anyone play the shared game, even if they are not a Gamestar user. They will need to install the Gamestar App, though. Your friend must register for a Gamestar Mechanic account to review or comment on your game or to make games of their own.

Q. What games can I share?

A: You can share games that you make in your Workshop and games that other users have made in Game Alley.

Q. Who can share games?

A: All Gamestar Mechanic users can share using the Email, Link and Embed features. There are some special rules about who can share games using social networks (see below).

Q. Who can share games using social networks?

A: Many social networks (for example Facebook and Twitter) do not allow users under the age of sixteen to use their sites. If you are under the age of sixteen (or a particular network's minimum age if higher than sixteen), you will not be able to share to social networks using Gamestar Mechanic.

Most institutions (schools, classes, clubs, camps, etc.) that use Gamestar Mechanic also choose to disable social network sharing for their students. If you are a student in an institution that has disabled sharing on a particular social network, you will not be able to share using that network (even if you are over the minimum age).

If you are over the age of sixteen AND you ARE NOT a member of any institution that has disabled sharing, you will be able to share your games using social networks.

Q. How do I disable/enable game sharing using social networks?

A: If you are over the age of sixteen AND you ARE NOT a member of any institution that has disabled sharing, you may click the 'Manage Account' link on any page in Gamestar to turn sharing on or off for any supported social network.

Q. How do I share a game?

A: There are several places in Gamestar where you can share a game:

  • You can share any of your published games by clicking the 'Share' button next to the game listing in your Workshop.
  • You can share any game you play in Game Alley by clicking one of the options in the 'Share This Game!' section in the top right corner of the game's player page.
  • You can also share any game you play once you have beaten it by clicking one of the sharing buttons on the game outro screen.