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Game Alley

Q: How do I control my Avatar in this game?
A: Different types of games have different controls. The screen that appears before the game starts has a section that describes the controls for that particular game.
Q: How do I beat this game?
A: All Gamestar games have one or more goals. These are explained on the screen that appears before the game starts. The most common way to beat a game is to guide your Avatar to the Goal Block, which is decorated with a golden star. In other games, you'll win if you collect a certain number of points or frag a certain number of Enemy Sprites, and these games will always show you a counter of how many points or frags you've collected. Finally, some games have a time limit as well, and others may mix and match some or all of these elements. Don't worry: every game you play in Game Alley can be won - the system wouldn't let a user publish an unwinnable game - but sometimes clever mechanics design games where figuring out how to achieve the goals is tricky.
Q: I found the Goal Block, but it's faded out! How do I beat this game?
A: If the Goal Block is faded, there's some other condition your Avatar must fulfill before it activates. This usually means collecting a certain number of points or fragging a certain number of Enemy Sprites. Look around the screen for a counter of points or frags!
Q: Help! This game is really hard!
A: Sometimes mechanics make games that are really difficult (sometimes they make games that are really easy, too). If you think a game is way too difficult, why not leave a comment or review about it with some (nice) feedback about what the designer could do to make it better?
Q: How do I find my friend's games?
A: First you need to know your friend's Mechanic Name. Once you know it, go to the Search box at the top of Game Alley, select 'users' and enter your friend's Mechanic Name. You'll get a list of Mechanics that match the search term you entered. Click on the Mechanic Name of your friend to view her Workshop and all her published games.
Q: I noticed inappropriate language in a game title, description or comment. What do I do?
A: Good catch! First, check the Rules of Conduct to make sure that the thing you saw really is against the rules. Next, click the Report Abuse button (it looks like an exclamation mark inside a triangle: ) next to the game title or comment to fill out an abuse report and tell the Gamestar Mechanic team about what you found.
Q: I found a little lock () next to someone's username. What's with that?
A: Gamestar Mechanic is being used in a number of schools and other institutions that want to keep their community information as private as possible. When you see a username with a lock next to it, it means they are from one of these private communities.