Gamestar Mechanic includes a self-paced learning experience that uses game-based "Quests" to help youth learn how to design games while they build critical 21st century skills. Each Quest contains missions that challenge you to play, modify and design games to help you level up from player to designer. As you complete these missions, you earn items that you can use to make your own games.

We have announced that Gamestar Mechanic will be coming to a close with the sunsetting of Flash at the end of 2020. In the meantime, we have made everything in Gamestar free to all users, so the following no longer applies.

Registering an account at Gamestar Mechanic is free and includes access to your first game design Quest, the ability to make and publish your own games, and access to the Gamestar Mechanic community.

"Addison's Complete Quest" is our full introduction to game design and is now available for a one-time cost of $19.95. This three-quest series includes the free Quest ("Addison Joins the League") and two additional Quests ("Addison Joins the Rougue" and "Dungeon of the Rogue"), where you'll explore diverse styles of game making and dive deeper into the practice of game design. Together these Quests include over 100 missions, the opportunity to earn over 130 items to use in your own games, and the ability to add your own art to your games through custom backgrounds.

We also offer custom "Sprite Packs" with prices that start at $1.99. These themed packs contain fun and powerful items like the ones you earn in the Quests. Sprite packs are fun ways to extend your game making capabilities and personalize your games.

Lastly, for those designers that would like to learn with real instructors and game pros, we offer an Online Learning Course for $299.