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Gamestar Mechanic is currently being developed and published by E-Line Media in partnership with the Institute of Play.

Gamestar Mechanic was originally developed by Gamelab in partnership with the Academic Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Lab (AADL) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Learning Guide was developed by The Institute of Play and E-Line Media.

Initial research and development was made possible in part by generous funding from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for an original grant proposal by James Paul Gee, Ph.D and Eric Zimmerman.

E-Line Media

Michael Angst CEO, Founder
Alan Gershenfeld President, Founder

Production Team

Brian Alspach EVP, General Manager
Charles Amis Game Design Lead
John Boeck SVP, Online Operations
Rick Daley CTO, E-Line Media
Michael K Gi Associate Game Designer
Ian Gil Artist; User Experience Lead
Katya Hott Educational Media Specialist
Joey Manley Editorial Designer
Scott Price VP, Product Manager; Game Designer
Phil Puthumana VP, Business Development
Josh Roberts Developer
Kai Matt Skye Game Programmer
Tim Tournay Developer
Sun Yang Artist; Narrative Lead

Additional Creative Contributors

Naomi Clark
Tony Furtado
Amar Ibrahim
Jeffrey Lee
Kyron Ramsey
Lana Zhao

Special Thanks To Our Interns

Alec Alspach
Jordan Angst
Michelle Aubrecht
Derek Baugh
Melissa DiFranco
Cooper Haskell
Zachary Levine
Jeremy Pesner
Noel Ramdhan
Brian Robbins
Loren Sherman
Jabari Toure

Institute of Play

Katie Salen Executive Director

Learning Guide

Nancy Nowacek Visual Designer
Radhika Tandon Curriculum Designer
Eric Nuñez Curriculum Designer
Thor Jensen Writer

Special Thanks To Our Playtesters

Andrew Gardner
Nichole Pinkard
Scott Price
Rebecca Rufo-Tepper
Arana Shapiro
Robert Torres
Charlie Vergara
Connie Yowell

Original Grant Concept and Proposal

James Paul Gee, Ph.D
Eric Zimmerman


Eric Zimmerman President, Founder
Peter Lee CEO, Founder
Jong Woo CEO

Game Design

Katie Salen Lead Game Designer
Greg Trefry Director of Game Design
Charles Amis Game Designer, Story and Dialogue
Mattia Romeo Game Designer
Naomi Clark Game Writer
Tikva Morowati Game Designer


Michelle McDonald Director of Technology
Robert Wylie Lead Server Programmer & System Architect
Greg Fields Lead Client Programmer
Eric Socolofsky Lead Client Programmer & Client Architect
Michael Weissman System Administrator
Joshua DeBonis Client Programmer

Visual Design

Kyron Ramsey Lead Visual Designer &
Character and World Design

Pollie Barden Lead Website Designer
Phil Weber Lead User Interface Designer
Clint Beharry Website Designer

Audio Design

Amar Ibrahim Lead Audio Designer


Scott Price Producer
Greg Trefry Producer
Catherine Herdlick Producer

Quality Assurance

Nick Rider Lead Tester

Special Thanks

Muon Van Thai
Sun Yang
Carrie Wright


James Paul Gee, Ph.D
Betty Hayes, Ph.D
Kurt Squire, Ph.D
Constance Steinkuehler, Ph.D
Alex Games, Ph.D
Robert Torres, Ph.D