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General Questions

Q. Who is eligible to use Gamestar Mechanic in educational settings?

A. To be eligible to register an Educator Account, you must be a professional educator or homeschooling parent/guardian/instructor who will use Gamestar Mechanic in one of the following environments:

  1. A K-12 or higher educational institution, non-profit, accredited by a generally accepted accreditation body;
  2. A registered United States 501(c)(3) charitable organization, accredited by a generally accepted accreditation body;
  3. A homeschool setting.

Note that Gamestar Mechanic is also made available to individual users outside of educational settings.

Q. Can I purchase Gamestar Mechanic for educational use?

A. We previously made certain premium educational features of Gamestar available for purchase. Effective October 20, 2020, Gamestar has transitioned to a fully free service. All formerly premium user-facing content and features have been made freely available to all users. We have discontinued making premium Gamestar Mechanic features and content available for purchase, including premium features that were formerly available for educators. Premium educational features will continue to be available to any user who purchased them prior to that date.

Does Gamestar support Chromebooks?

A. In January of 2021, most major web browsers ceased to support Adobe Flash, a web technology used by Gamestar. We have accomodated this transition by providing a native app for Windows and Mac that is capable of securely running the legacy Flash content. Unfortunately, this approach does not work for Chromebooks.

E-Line is hard at work designing and building our next generation of game making products and services, which will include solutions that support Chromebooks. For information and updates, please consider joining our E-Line Media Insiders email list.

Q. My school, district or a government angecy requires educational vendors to provide documentation or enter into an agreement before their products can be used in my classroom. Can you do this?

A. We will continue to honor any agreements we have already entered into, however with our transition to a free service, we regret that we can no longer accomodate these requests or enter into new legal agreements. Gamestar is offered for educational use on the terms described in our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Rules of Conduct and Educational Licensing Agreements as written.

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Free Edition Questions

Q. Is there a limit to the number of students or teachers I can have using the Free Edition of Gamestar?

A. No.

Q. Why must my students use a 'Quick Link' to create their accounts when using the Free Edition?

A. We ask your students to create their accounts using the Quick Link so we know their accounts are associated with you as a teacher and that you (or your institution) have consented to their use of Gamestar Mechanic on their parents' behalf. It also makes it easier and more convenient for you to upgrade your existing students to the Exclusive Educational Package should you decide to do so in the future.

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Using Your Educational Account

Q. How do my students (and other teachers) join my class and start using Gamestar?

A. During the setup process, you will be provided with a set of Quick Links that you can share with your students and other teachers so that they can set up their accounts and join your class. These links are also accessible from your Workshop inside Gamestar Mechanic.

Q. Can I add another teacher to my class?

A. Yes: we'll provide you with a Quick Link you can share with the teacher to allow them to create their account and join your class.

Q. I'd like to make sure I can track my students' progress effectively. Is it possible to see my students' real names inside Gamestar?

A. Users of the legacy Exclusive Educational Edition have the option of asking their students to provide their real First and Last names when they create the user accounts. This information is stored securely in our system and is only ever shown to those students' authorized teachers. We provide this feature to allow teachers to more easily track student progress and to help identify unauthorized users who may have joined their classes. This feature is not supported on free educator accounts.

Q. Help! I think an unauthorized student joined my class. What do I do?

A. Don't panic! We'll get it sorted out. Please use the 'Report Abuse' feature in the Student Tracking section of your Workshop or send email to educators@gamestarmechanic.com to contact us.

Q. I've got some students in my class in Gamestar who are no longer in my 'real' class. I've got some new students starting. What do I do?

A. Using the Student Tracking feature in your Workshop, you can remove students from your class at any time. These students will still be able to use their Gamestar accounts and have access to all their progress, content, etc. You just won't see them in your class any more. New students can join your class using your Quick Link.

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Legacy Premium User Questions

Q. Now that Gamestar has transitioned to a free model, what happens to any premium Educational Content Packs I may have purchased prior to the transition?

A. You will still have access to the premium educator features such as student tracking for as long as you have any premium students in your existing Gamestar classes. You will not be able to purchase new Educational Content Packs and any classes you create in the future will be free. Like all Gamestar users, you and your students will have complimentary access to all previously premium content (e.g. premium quests and sprite packs).

Q. I heard educational access to Gamestar Mechanic was offered on a subscription basis. This doesn't seem to be the case. Can you explain?

A. This used to be the case, however effective September 14, 2012, we discontinued the educational subscription plans for new educational users. With our transition to a fully free service, as of October 20, 2020, we have ceased to charge any subscription renewal fees for any remaining subscribers, who will still have access to the legacy premium features.