• Notice: Starting January 1st, 2021, you will need to use a special app to connect to Gamestar Mechanic. Click here to learn more and download the app.
Gamestar Mechanic is designed so that kids can jump in and begin playing with little or no help. That said, we do believe that there are great benefits to engaging with your child through the game.
Most parents don't think twice about reading a quality book with their child or 'co-viewing' a quality television show - but few think about 'co-playing' a quality videogame with their children. Games are interactive, complex and highly engaging - making them a fertile environment for intergenerational gameplay.

Let your kids teach you!

Since kids are often more comfortable jumping in and playing new games (and may be more expert at some of the gameplay), it is often effective to let your kids mentor you through the gameplay and design process.
Aside from showing an interest in your child's passion, the process of having them teach you creates an even deeper level of mastery and communication skills.