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9 players 13 plays 4 wins 3 reviews 0 comments

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2zachp19 Intern Mechanic II
Smash Hit The Chosen One
Critical Eye Fresh From the Oven
Rating: Difficulty:
Dec. 21, 2018
DukeHodgson Senior Mechanic III
Smash Hit Sensation Extra Creditor (Silver) Prolific
Rating: Difficulty:
Review: I like how you used design of colors and backgrounds to create visual challenges for the player. Your story could still be strengthened with game settings and level settings. Think of your game as a story.
Dec. 20, 2018
2jacobs19 Intern Mechanic III
Critical Eye League Mechanic Published Fresh From the Oven
Rating: Difficulty:
Dec. 19, 2018


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Outlaws of the west


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The Designer

2jacke19 Intern Mechanic I
Critical Eye Fresh From the Oven Try, Try Again Published League Mechanic
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