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DukeHodgson Senior Mechanic IV
Eagle Eye Game Alley Regular Smash Hit Sensation
Rating: Difficulty:
Review: Outstanding game! You were really thoughtful about the design and the way the story moves the player along from level to level. Check/fix: "Guards" and republish. I had fun playing your story.
Jan. 4, 2018
3kayleem18 Novice Mechanic I
Eagle Eye Sensation Smash Hit The Chosen One
Rating: Difficulty:
Review: In the first level, l like that the extra health comes with a price, but the first few gaurds were moving too slowly.
In the second level, I like how the evil sprites can't take damage, but the third key was slightly too easy to get.
The second half of the third level was difficult, and I would have liked it more if the time reset on checkpoint.
The background to the fourth level was the wrong prospective, but it was important for the setting.
Jan. 4, 2018


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The Designer

3claired18 Intern Mechanic I
Published League Mechanic League Intern Fresh From the Oven
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Published on: 2017-11-30 17:49:20
5 players, 6 plays, 1 review
Published 2 years ago