Gamestar Mechanic Online Learning Program

Apprentice With Professional Game Designers!

  • Learn game design!
  • Work with pros from the game industry!
  • Build a portfolio of games!
  • Have fun!

Fall session registration open now! Recommended for ages 9-14.

Register now and level up from player to designer for $249. Use discount code "EarlySignup" at checkout and get the full experience for $199.

The program fee includes Premium Gamestar Mechanic access. Current premium subscribers to Gamestar Mechanic will receive full credit for their premium subscription toward the program fee.

Design & Share Original Games

In each unit you will tackle a new game design challenge in a specific game genre and follow the same process of game creation used by real game studios.

  • Unit 1: Platforming! Create platformer games that focus on perspective, gravity settings, and in-game challenges. Learn about the iterative design process and the steps it takes to put together a fun and challenging game.
  • Unit 2: Action!Design action games that feature varying game spaces and resources. Learn professional techniques for brainstorming and prototyping games and give constructive feedback on other kid's games.
  • Unit 3: Adventure! Add adventure games to your portfolio! These games focus on storytelling, rules, combat strategy, and information as a resource. Playtest your games and respond to feedback.
  • Unit 4: Final Project! As your final project, design a game in the genre of your choice drawing on design techniques you've learned. Share your portfolio with the online gaming community!
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Work with Industry Professionals & Educators

You'll work online with professionals, educators, and your peers to build mastery in the art of game design!

  • Video Playtest Sessions: Watch the pros play your game and give you coaching and feedback as they go.
  • Personal Instructor: Your personal game design instructor will guide you through the program and is available for virtual 'office hours' for additional coaching.
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Empowering Youth Through Game Design

Gamestar Mechanic Online Learning is brought to you by the team behind Gamestar Mechanic. Over 300,000 youth have learned game design and made their own games with Gamestar in more than 100 countries and 5,000 schools, and the games they've made have been played over 15 million times!

Through efforts like the National STEM Video Game Challenge we're creating opportunities for youth to explore their natural passion for making games, develop their creative voices and receive recognition for their accomplishments.

IoP • MacArthur • AMD Foundation • Alliance for Young Artists and Writers • National STEM Video Game Challenge • Common Sense Media • Kapi • Indiecade • Serious Play
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Game Design Equips Kids to Explore a Universe of 21st Century Opportunities

Making games leads to the development of critical 21st Century skills and a solid pathway to educational & job opportunities.

Designing a successful game involves:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Art & Aesthetics
  • Writing & Storytelling
  • Interactive Design
  • Programming & Technical Design
  • Communication & Collaboration

Learn more about the power of game design as a teaching tool!

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