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Games aren't just fun, they can also be meaningful. They can be your way to say something important and engage your peers in issues that affect the planet.

The AMD Foundation is sponsoring a series of game design competitions within Gamestar Mechanic with great prizes for designing fun games around critical social issues.

Each Challenge explores a different issue facing our world; issues like energy, war, pollution, and poverty. The goals of each Challenge are to make fun games that also explore these issues in unique and creative ways.

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Learn more about the AMD Foundation’s signature education program, Changing the Game, which enables teens to learn critical STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills and become more globally conscious citizens by developing digital video games with social content.

The Playing 4 Peace Challenge

The fifth AMD Impact Challenge is run by the youth leaders of the Global Kids Playing 4 Keeps Program and is all about ending war. War plagues many people on our planet. While it is a popular topic for television, movies, and video games, many media don't push us to think about why war really begins, the cost of it for everyday people, or real strategies for ending it. That's what this challenge is about - use the power of games to help game players understand war ... so that they can help end it.

To enter the Playing 4 Peace Challenge, you must make a game that is either about how to stop an existing war, preventing a war from starting, and/or understanding the details about how a particular war begins and/or ends.

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