Gamestar Mechanic introduces Mozilla Open Badges

The Game Design Mentor Badge is a Gamestar Mechanic Badge shared as a Mozilla Open Badge. This badge represents that the bearer has basic competencies in the practice of game design and has shown skill in supporting others in learning game design through critical feedback and adapted design challenges.

Their work has been reviewed and approved by mentors within the Gamestar Mechanic community and selected work is provided with these criteria.

To earn this badge, the mentor must:

  1. Be a registered teacher within Gamestar Mechanic or have achieved Mechanic Rank 40 (Adept Mechanic).
  2. Complete the Gamestar Mechanic "Teacher's Quest" and demonstrate understanding of the Gamestar pedagogy through questions reflecting on the Quest.
  3. Demonstrate basic game design and balancing skills by completing and balancing an incomplete game.
  4. Evaluate feedback passages for a given game to demonstrate a framework for giving constructive feedback to another designer.
  5. Demonstrate mentorship skills by evaluating the skills of a design apprentice and selecting an appropriate design challenge to help them learn.
  6. Show practical mentorship experience by earning the "Critical Eye" badge within the Gamestar Mechanic community.
  7. Optionally, complete Gamestar Mechanic's first full Quest, "Addison Joins the League" to build basic competencies in the practice of game design.

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