Gamestar Mechanic introduces Mozilla Open Badges

This badge represents that the bearer is ready to apprentice in Game Design by showing:

  1. a clear commitment to the process of learning,
  2. an understanding of the "tools of learning" within game design, and
  3. a willingness to return the favor by helping others.

Their work has been reviewed and approved by a game design mentor within the Gamestar Mechanic community.

To earn this badge, the designer must:

  1. Complete the Gamestar Mechanic Quest "Addison Joins the League" and demonstrate understanding of game design basics:
    1. Name the elements of game design.
    2. Describe starting a new game from one of the five elements.
    3. Describe how you could change other elements of a difficult game with many enemies in order to make it more balanced.
  2. Demonstrate game balance skills by creating a game with an easy level, a hard level, and a well-balanced level which all use a similar basic design.
  3. Make a game that is balanced for a specific kind of person to play. Write a design statement describing the player type, your vision for the game, and how it is appropriate for that type of player.
  4. Give useful feedback on another user's game based on the game's stated design and a rubric for feedback.
  5. Playtest a game that you have designed. Gather feedback and explain how you would change the game in response to the feedback.
  6. Redesign a game that you have designed based on feedback and playtesting. Describe the changes you made and reflect on the iterative process.

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