Gamestar Mechanic - Educational Subscriber Agreement

Gamestar Mechanic (“Gamestar” or the "Site") is an online service offered by E-Line Media (“we” or “us”) that helps users learn how to design video games. This Educational Licensing Agreement (the “Agreement”) describes the terms and conditions under which we make Gamestar available for use in educational settings.

The terms "Gamestar Mechanic", the "service", "us", or "we" refers to the owners of the website, E-Line Media, and its successors and assigns. The terms "you" “your” or "Educator Account Holder" refer to a user of our site who creates an Educator Account to use Gamestar Mechanic, as well as to any educational institution or organization with which the Educator Account holder represents an affiliation during the account registration process..

This Educational Licensing Agreement was last revised on January 19, 2021.

Free Service

As of October 20, 2020, Gamestar Mechanic has transitioned to a fully free service. All formerly premium user-facing content and features have been made freely available to all users. We have discontinued making premium Gamestar Mechanic features and content available for purchase, including premium features that were formerly available for educators. Premium educational features will continue to be available to any user who purchased them prior to that date.

You may use Gamestar in educational settings. However you should understand that Gamestar is provided freely as a courtesy to educational users and on an 'as is, as available' basis, as noted in our Terms of Service.

Educator Accounts

Gamestar Mechanic offers complimentary Educator Accounts that enable educators to use Gamestar Mechanic with their students. To be eligible to register an Educator Account, you must be a professional educator or homeschooling parent/guardian/instructor who will use Gamestar Mechanic in one of the following environments:

  1. A K-12 or higher educational institution, non-profit, accredited by a generally accepted accreditation body;

  2. A registered United States 501(c)(3) charitable organization, accredited by a generally accepted accreditation body;

  3. A homeschool setting.

If you meet the eligibility requirements and use Gamestar in one of these settings, you must register your account as an Educator Account, rather than as a regular user account.

We reserve the right to contact you and request proof of your eligibility to register an Educator Account. We reserve the right to deny your request to register an Educator Account and/or to revoke your access to Gamestar Mechanic, your Educator Account and any Student Accounts and Educational Content Packs associated with it should we determine, at our sole discretion, that you do not meet the eligibility requirements to register an Educator Account or should you fail to provide us, upon request, with sufficient material to prove your eligibility to our satisfaction.

Individuals, organizations or groups not meeting the above criteria are not eligible to register Educator Accounts or to purchase Educational Content Packs. Note that Gamestar Mechanic is also made available to individual consumers, and Commercial Licenses are also available for companies, organizations and groups not meeting the above criteria. For more information, please contact us at

When you register an Educator Account, you will be provided with an activation link that will allow your students to create their own Gamestar Mechanic user accounts (“Student Accounts”). By registering your Educator Account and registering your students using this link, you represent that A) each of your students (or the student's parent/guardian if the student is under 18) accepts the Gamestar Mechanic Terms of Service AND; B) you (and/or your school or organization) is authorized to act as an agent for your students' parents (if the students are under 18) in providing consent to accept the Gamestar Mechanic Terms of Service. You may add additional students to your class at any time by having them register accounts using your activation link.

Educator and Student Accounts provide users with the same free features and content available to all Gamestar Mechanic users.

Collection of Student Personal Data

Please see our Privacy Policy for information concerning our data collection and use practices that apply to all Gamestar Mechanic users, including Student and Educator Account holders.

Real Student First and Last Names

If you previously purchased Educational Content Packs for your students, you have the option of requiring that the students who redeem them provide a real First and Last Name to be associated with their Gamestar Mechanic usernames. We provide this service only as a benefit to Educator Account holders (and their schools or organizations) to assist them in tracking and assessing student progress and also to help them identify users who may have joined their classes or redeemed Educational Content Packs in an unauthorized manner.

Student First and Last Names collected in this manner are stored in our system in a secure fashion and are only displayed to authorized Educator Account holders at the educational institution or organization in question. They are never displayed elsewhere in Gamestar Mechanic, shared with any third party or used for any other purpose.

If you elect to use this feature, you specifically represent and warrant that you have obtained the parent/guardian permission of any Student Account holder under the age of eighteen (18) for the use described above in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Agreement and Contact Information

This Educational Licensing Agreement constitutes a binding agreement between you and Gamestar Mechanic and is accepted by you upon your creating an Educator Account. If you represent an affiliation with an educational institution or organization when you register your Educator Account, you represent that you are authorized to accept this Agreement on that organization’s behalf and do so upon creating an Educator Account.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this Educational Licensing Agreement, you can contact us via email at or at

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c/o E-Line Media
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