New Challenges and New Sprites Incoming!

Greetings, valiant Mechanics! Are you ready to embark on a grand adventure? Then prepare yourselves for Game of Sprites!

Starting this Friday, we are releasing a series of brand-new Challenges for you to play through. Not only will you get to play through an exciting (if slightly silly) tale of humble heroes and epic destinies, but you will also have the opportunity to earn never-before-seen sprites... including one that has long been eagerly asked for!

But that's not all! After all, what's the point of earning new sprites if you don't have an opportunity to put them to good use? After all of the Challenges have been released, a new Contest will begin, one that will task you with creating your own game using these newly-released sprites! Do you have what it takes to master these new sprites and win the top prize?

Here is a schedule of these upcoming Challenges:

Game of Sprites: Episode I Opens - Friday, November 18th.
Game of Sprites: Episode II Opens - Friday, November 25th.
Game of Sprites: Episode III Opens - Friday, December 2nd.
Tell Thy Own Tale Challenge Opens - Friday, December 9th.
Tell Thy Own Tale Challenge Closes - Tuesday, January 3rd.
Tell Thy Own Tale Challenge Judged - Friday, January 13th.

Grab your sword and shield and get ready, Mechanics - The adventure begins this Friday!
Posted: Nov. 16, 2016