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14 players 43 plays 16 wins 5 reviews 0 comments

Reviews and Comments

gharatya Intern Mechanic II
Background Certificate Critical Eye Fresh From the Oven Published
Rating: Difficulty:
Review: This game was funny and needed precise movements. Overall though it was a very fun game.
Gameplay: This game did not require a lot of thinking and would be a great game when you are really bored.
Story: This game did tell a good story if you read the signs.
Visuals: This game had an excellent water theme and also a great background.
Jul. 17, 2012
bardins Intern Mechanic III
Background Certificate Published Try, Try Again Critical Eye
Rating: Difficulty:
Review: I liked the maze and the feel of the game - would interest young players.
Gameplay: Not too hard - scary inside the volcano - had to move slowly.
Story: needs info on level 1. Story line is in the beginning and info blocks. good.
Visuals: Nice volcano maze! liked the underwater look.
Jul. 17, 2012
BellRM Intern Mechanic II
Try, Try Again Background Certificate Fresh From the Oven Critical Eye
Rating: Difficulty:
Review: A fun, long game.
Gameplay: I liked the long-ness of it, a little easy with the gun.
Story: A short fun story.
Visuals: A like the underwater theme.
Jul. 17, 2012
WarriorsGamer Gamestar Mechanic
Cult Classic Reviewer Critic Game Alley Regular
Rating: Difficulty:
Review: :)
Jul. 16, 2012
alpal76 Expert Mechanic VII
Extra Creditor (Silver) Cactus Well Received Off the Charts
Rating: Difficulty:
Review: needs editing.......
Jul. 16, 2012


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The Designer

leema Intern Mechanic I
Try, Try Again Critical Eye Fresh From the Oven Published League Mechanic
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Published on: 2012-07-16 11:48:28
4 players, 9 plays, 1 review
Published 8 years ago
Published on: 2012-07-16 11:11:20
5 players, 6 plays, 2 reviews
Published 8 years ago